Can you help me? My virtual book tour conundrum

Let’s put it out there. Brick-and-mortar book tours for indie authors (without a massive grassroots following) can be a waste of time. Say you can carry an event crowd-wise. Most stores want around 55% of your retail price. They ring the register, keep your money, and cut you a 45% check 30 days later. UnlessContinue reading “Can you help me? My virtual book tour conundrum”

Let love in or shut it out? You decide.

How do you move beyond the pain to start a fresh relationship? I’m knee-deep in Isoke: a character I’ve known for about a year. Isoke’s background is littered with issues. Her mother, Hawa, left the family to pursue a calling greater than the responsibility of a family. When Hawa was present, she berated Isoke, whoContinue reading “Let love in or shut it out? You decide.”

The world of a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder victim

The book I am currently writing follows a group of people picking up the pieces after a bloody war. One of those people suffers Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because of experiences she won’t (or can’t) talk about. Instead of relying on antiseptic details and descriptions of PTSD (you can do that here), I like toContinue reading “The world of a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder victim”

Happy endings and loose ends in fiction

Last week, I wrapped up writing my 2012 release, The Anarchists. It’s the story about the impact of choice, and how four people decide the fate of the planet in the year 2050. What I’m doing with it now is what I liken to post-production work on a film — adding in “effects,” and tyingContinue reading “Happy endings and loose ends in fiction”

Ignore E-books, trade paperbacks at your own risk

E-book sales are dramatically up and trade paperbacks are WAY down. If you didn‘t know that, look here. Cereal companies play up the cholesterol in eggs because they want to sell more cereal! Egg companies downplay those figures because high cholesterol is dependent on many factors outside of diet. For us, it’s about perspective. ToContinue reading “Ignore E-books, trade paperbacks at your own risk”

Write compelling fiction with hooking, tension, and nukes

As an author, you want to write a page-turner: fiction so compelling that the reader ignores sleep, eating, etc. to read what you have to say. How do you do that? It starts with hooking your reader in 1,500 words or less, or about the first five pages. You must get the reader to quicklyContinue reading “Write compelling fiction with hooking, tension, and nukes”

Setting up a speaking platform

According to Phisco Marketing President Kemya Scott, marketing via self-publishing companies are “smoke-and-mirrors” techniques. In other words, as an author, you should have a speaking platform if you want to sell books. Postcards, business cards, and bookmarks do not sell books. Even if they did, they are methods you can’t track, and if you can’tContinue reading “Setting up a speaking platform”