How to plan a book wedding

I wanted to help plan my wedding. OK, not the flowers or colors. I didn’t pick the bridesmaid dresses. With some things, I asked “how much?” and passed off to my future bride. But I had a hand in the important things. Planning your book release is a similar process. Start with choosing a relevantContinue reading “How to plan a book wedding”

Do-It-Yourself: Why I D-I-Yed

About two years ago, I changed my life. Call it divine purpose or destiny, but I was left at a crossroads with a decision. Either continue teaching, which I loved, or pursue a career writing full-time. Either required 100 percent dedication, and I only had 100 to give. I tendered my resignation. Some coworkers stillContinue reading “Do-It-Yourself: Why I D-I-Yed”

Start a publishing biz for cheap!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at a book fair. Self-published authors and an indie author were in attendance, and most appeared less than receptive to what I was saying. Building your own publishing business is A way to get yourself published, not necessarily THE way or YOUR way. That said, there are some veryContinue reading “Start a publishing biz for cheap!”

3 Key tips on marketing your book

The following guest blog post is by Kemya Scott. Scott (or “Miss Kemya” across the web) is the self-titled “solopreneur” of Phisco Marketing: a stratetegic marketing consultant agency that specializes in helping small business. Scott, a 15-year marketing consultant veteran and MBA grad, believes small businesses are “the lifeblood of our economy.” She is anContinue reading “3 Key tips on marketing your book”

7 helpful business websites you need to visit

Just yesterday, a good friend mentioned that she was looking for ways to get grant funds for her small business. The first, most easy option is what multi-level marketing companies call your “warm market.” Your warm market is made up of people who will buy from you just because it’s you: friends, family, co-workers, andContinue reading “7 helpful business websites you need to visit”

Baffling things about Christianity in business

I’m reading a book, “Jesus, Entrepreneur,” by Laurie Beth Jones. It talks about becoming a “Spiritreneur” — or a Holy Spirit-led entrepreneur. When I googled her, the first website to come up was hers. The second was “Laurie Beth Jones Scam.” It’s easy to label something a scam when it deals with the Bible becauseContinue reading “Baffling things about Christianity in business”

Business advice that you need

In business, improvement often leads to product innovation — which can result in better sales. Why, then, do some business professionals feel professional improvement is an area they can afford to neglect? Healthy relationships require constant maintenance, even that of the retailer/consumer relationship. To be the best businessperson you can be, continual education is keyContinue reading “Business advice that you need”

Conspiracy Theories About How Much I Make and What Is Actually True

I get asked with fair frequency how much money I’m making as a author/publisher and how my books are selling. It puts me off for two reasons. One, this is the first time in my life someone besides an investor, my accountant, or my wife cares what I make. Two, not one of these peopleContinue reading “Conspiracy Theories About How Much I Make and What Is Actually True”

3 Life Lessons Learned From Quitting

Every once in a while, I question my decision to leave the teaching profession and start a small publishing company to produce my work. It has taught me a few lessons, such as. . . 1. Obedience or disobedience is always a decision. I had to be called by God to leave, and even then,Continue reading “3 Life Lessons Learned From Quitting”