Sometimes, the best closure is worth waiting for

Anything you regret doing or not doing in your life? I’ve got two. Here’s one of them: In 1992, I attended an out-of-state funeral. Until then, I rarely knew the deceased. My cousin Lizzie died; the one with a mustache who always wanted to kiss me on the lips. That’s not the regret, though IContinue reading “Sometimes, the best closure is worth waiting for”

Let love in or shut it out? You decide.

How do you move beyond the pain to start a fresh relationship? I’m knee-deep in Isoke: a character I’ve known for about a year. Isoke’s background is littered with issues. Her mother, Hawa, left the family to pursue a calling greater than the responsibility of a family. When Hawa was present, she berated Isoke, whoContinue reading “Let love in or shut it out? You decide.”

Virtual Blog Tours: Who Should You Go With?

I searched the keywords “book blog tour” a few days ago and came up with Tywebbin Book Tours, Book Blog Tour Guide (who then referred me to Premier Virtual Author Book Tours) — Diane Saarinen, who runs BBTG, was booked up and does not do Christian fiction — Lit Fuse Publicity Group, Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, andContinue reading “Virtual Blog Tours: Who Should You Go With?”