Ignore E-books, trade paperbacks at your own risk

E-book sales are dramatically up and trade paperbacks are WAY down. If you didn‘t know that, look here. Cereal companies play up the cholesterol in eggs because they want to sell more cereal! Egg companies downplay those figures because high cholesterol is dependent on many factors outside of diet. For us, it’s about perspective. ToContinue reading “Ignore E-books, trade paperbacks at your own risk”

How to market your books on the cheap

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Tom and Marilyn Ross, advises that you send out up to 200 copies of your book to gain buzz. Sorry, but the majority of reviewers still prefer trade paperback books (tpbs). Quick math: if your tpb is 250 pages, it costs $4.65 to print (are you paying more?). MediaContinue reading “How to market your books on the cheap”