If you’re an author and you don’t have Beta Readers, there’s something seriously wrong with you

Beta Readers are a test audience for your new material. For example, in the movie The Break Up, Vince Vaughn’s character originally came out looking better than Jennifer Aniston’s character. That ending did not rate well with its test audience, so the ending was changed. If The Break Up was a novel, the test audience would haveContinue reading “If you’re an author and you don’t have Beta Readers, there’s something seriously wrong with you”

You market yourself. . .how? (Part 2)

My literary friends and I debate over whether or not Kindle Direct Publishing’s Select Program is “worth it.” Actually, they think I’m a little cray cray for considering anything besides Select, but I’ve been called worse. Amazon’s Select program allows you to set 5 days (per book) where your book can be downloaded for freeContinue reading “You market yourself. . .how? (Part 2)”

You market yourself. . .how? (Part 1)

Recently, a friend asked me, “How do you market yourself [as an indie/self-publisher]?” Aye, there’s the rub. Indie and self-pubbed authors want to sell books, but don’t necessarily know how. Witness almost any self-publishing outfit that will offer you bookmarks, business cards, placards, postcards, and the like as marketing collateral (don’t fall for it — do itContinue reading “You market yourself. . .how? (Part 1)”

How to plan a book wedding

I wanted to help plan my wedding. OK, not the flowers or colors. I didn’t pick the bridesmaid dresses. With some things, I asked “how much?” and passed off to my future bride. But I had a hand in the important things. Planning your book release is a similar process. Start with choosing a relevantContinue reading “How to plan a book wedding”

Don’t take it personal: Damaging the brand

FYI: I said “personal” not “personally” on purpose 🙂 I have strong opinions on many political and social issues, but you’ll never see them on my social media pages. There will not be rampant misspelled postings or off-the-cuff comments warranting a “sorry-if-that-offended-some-people” disclaimer either. Learn a little lesson called “social media policy.” But Brian, I’mContinue reading “Don’t take it personal: Damaging the brand”

3 Key tips on marketing your book

The following guest blog post is by Kemya Scott. Scott (or “Miss Kemya” across the web) is the self-titled “solopreneur” of Phisco Marketing: a stratetegic marketing consultant agency that specializes in helping small business. Scott, a 15-year marketing consultant veteran and MBA grad, believes small businesses are “the lifeblood of our economy.” She is anContinue reading “3 Key tips on marketing your book”

How to market your books on the cheap

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Tom and Marilyn Ross, advises that you send out up to 200 copies of your book to gain buzz. Sorry, but the majority of reviewers still prefer trade paperback books (tpbs). Quick math: if your tpb is 250 pages, it costs $4.65 to print (are you paying more?). MediaContinue reading “How to market your books on the cheap”

Tips for broadening your marketing prowess

Are you in need of marketing tips? If so, I have a couple HOT, FREE websites for you. is a website that specializes in “inbound marketing.” Traditional marketing is “outbound marketing” — flyers, brochures, posters, and the like. “Inbound marketing” is using non-traditional techniques to bring the leads and traffic to you — websites, SearchContinue reading “Tips for broadening your marketing prowess”

Well-kept secrets about marketing and technology

In six months of business as a independent publisher, I’ve learned quite a few valuable lessons. I’d like to share TWO of them today. If you’ve been in the game for a while, you might already be familiar with them, but they bear repeating. 1. If you refuse to build an online media presence, you’reContinue reading “Well-kept secrets about marketing and technology”