Don’t take it personal: Damaging the brand

FYI: I said “personal” not “personally” on purpose 🙂 I have strong opinions on many political and social issues, but you’ll never see them on my social media pages. There will not be rampant misspelled postings or off-the-cuff comments warranting a “sorry-if-that-offended-some-people” disclaimer either. Learn a little lesson called “social media policy.” But Brian, I’mContinue reading “Don’t take it personal: Damaging the brand”

Save time & money: Why you need a publishing mentor

I call myself a “publishing mentor,” and not because I like cutesy titles (I actually HATE them). Authors interested in indie publishing (ESPECIALLY self-publishing) need information to successfully navigate the publishing process. You could use someone on your team who’s not trying to hawk their wares instead of offering you another, efficient, time-saving way, couldn’t you?Continue reading “Save time & money: Why you need a publishing mentor”

Start a publishing biz for cheap!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at a book fair. Self-published authors and an indie author were in attendance, and most appeared less than receptive to what I was saying. Building your own publishing business is A way to get yourself published, not necessarily THE way or YOUR way. That said, there are some veryContinue reading “Start a publishing biz for cheap!”

PR or no PR?

I miss my full-time publicist. We broke up last fall, when all of a sudden, she moved north for a better job. I proposed a long-distance relationship, and she said she didn’t have time to make it work. Sigh. I would have to do my own PR work or hire someone else. Looking around wasContinue reading “PR or no PR?”

Business advice that you need

In business, improvement often leads to product innovation — which can result in better sales. Why, then, do some business professionals feel professional improvement is an area they can afford to neglect? Healthy relationships require constant maintenance, even that of the retailer/consumer relationship. To be the best businessperson you can be, continual education is keyContinue reading “Business advice that you need”