What’s the toughest part about self-publishing?

Last month, me and Kemya Scott of Phisco Marketing held a Social Media and Self-Publishing Facebook Chat. There, a chatter asked me, “What’s the toughest part about self-publishing?” That was a few weeks ago, and I still don’t have a better answer than, “it depends.” Where do you want to go as an author? IfContinue reading “What’s the toughest part about self-publishing?”

How to get unstuck with sales

Selling books is a tricky business. It’s about timing and (honestly) chance. The right book at the wrong time is the wrong book. It’s about finding who to buy and giving them what they want. If you ever get stuck with your sales, start with these tips: Stop pitching your social media followers ad nauseum.Continue reading “How to get unstuck with sales”

Do-It-Yourself: Why I D-I-Yed

About two years ago, I changed my life. Call it divine purpose or destiny, but I was left at a crossroads with a decision. Either continue teaching, which I loved, or pursue a career writing full-time. Either required 100 percent dedication, and I only had 100 to give. I tendered my resignation. Some coworkers stillContinue reading “Do-It-Yourself: Why I D-I-Yed”

Save time & money: Why you need a publishing mentor

I call myself a “publishing mentor,” and not because I like cutesy titles (I actually HATE them). Authors interested in indie publishing (ESPECIALLY self-publishing) need information to successfully navigate the publishing process. You could use someone on your team who’s not trying to hawk their wares instead of offering you another, efficient, time-saving way, couldn’t you?Continue reading “Save time & money: Why you need a publishing mentor”

Start a publishing biz for cheap!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at a book fair. Self-published authors and an indie author were in attendance, and most appeared less than receptive to what I was saying. Building your own publishing business is A way to get yourself published, not necessarily THE way or YOUR way. That said, there are some veryContinue reading “Start a publishing biz for cheap!”

Virtual Blog Tours: Who Should You Go With?

I searched the keywords “book blog tour” a few days ago and came up with Tywebbin Book Tours, Book Blog Tour Guide (who then referred me to Premier Virtual Author Book Tours) — Diane Saarinen, who runs BBTG, was booked up and does not do Christian fiction — Lit Fuse Publicity Group, Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, andContinue reading “Virtual Blog Tours: Who Should You Go With?”

Virtual Blog Tours: The Good, Bad. . .and Ugly

I don’t like to “assume” that people know things. You know why 🙂 So, let’s be real about book tours and accept a few truths about them. If you are self-published, no major chain bookstore or discount store will shelve you, much less host your signings. I know, it SUCKS. You may not have knownContinue reading “Virtual Blog Tours: The Good, Bad. . .and Ugly”