Editing: really, it’s nothing personal

In another life, I was a professional journalist. Steve Berlin, my copy editor, tore my first article to shreds and made me redo it. If I told you what I imagined doing to him, you’d think I wrote scripts for the Saw franchise. Prior to Steve, no one had really bloodbathed my journalistic writing before. InContinue reading “Editing: really, it’s nothing personal”

Editing: The boilerplate, the bold.

A first-time author once called some of my writing advice “boilerplate” which she could find “on any writing website.” I can find the lyrics to “A House is Not a Home” on the web, but it doesn’t mean I can sing it well. My critique of her introduction — that ten pages is too long,Continue reading “Editing: The boilerplate, the bold.”

Time-saving tips to edit your own writing

Editing my writing is like doing laundry: I hate to do it, but it has to be done. We might as well do it efficiently, right? Let’s go. Write from the heart and edit with your head. Effective editing requires emotional disconnecting from the text, while good writing and rewriting needs that connection. It’s theContinue reading “Time-saving tips to edit your own writing”

Editing worth every cent. . .literally

Nothing bugs me more than a misspelled word or a misplaced comma in a book (bad or implausible plots are a close second). The mass paperback publishers generally don’t have any errors, and if they do, they are not egregious. By contrast, self-publishers seem to skip this part, settling to do it themselves or toContinue reading “Editing worth every cent. . .literally”