Turning back the clock

Last year, my wife presented me with a wild idea for a science fiction book. I’m not a devotee to the genre, but I LOVE Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury, and H.G. Wells, among others. Some of my favorite TV shows were sci-fi: Smallville, Quantum Leap, Sliders, and No Ordinary Family (yeah, I know that last one wasContinue reading “Turning back the clock”

Ways to cheat mainstream publisher math

Mainstream publishing companies (MPCs) use methods that make perfect sense to me. Then again, it doesn’t make sense. Let me explain: MPCs bet conservatively. They don’t wager against the odds for success. MPCs think you, as a new author, will take the opportunity they lay on the table rather than walk away. All those playingContinue reading “Ways to cheat mainstream publisher math”

The $650 question

I recently asked a fairly prominent businessperson to coffee to discuss business; mainly, for them to impart wisdom to me. “Sure,” the businessperson replied, if I would compensate them to the tune of $650 an hour. Apparently, the person’s manager frowns upon donated time. My first thought: $650 AN HOUR? My second thought: How canContinue reading “The $650 question”

The essence of professionalism

I’m not looking to proselytize here, but professionalism goes a mighty long way in building a small business and simply operating in the world in general. In the six months since starting my small business, that much is clear. Poor Richard is right: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. ThisContinue reading “The essence of professionalism”

In publishing, C.R.E.A.M. rises to the top and you have to get to it.

I admit it: I’m not a math whiz. But some math, simple math, does not make sense to me. Did you know how much it costs to produce a 250 pg. paperback book per unit? $4.65 (Please wait until I finish before throwing your books at the wall). So, you were charged $15 for aContinue reading “In publishing, C.R.E.A.M. rises to the top and you have to get to it.”

Countdown to publication (from lasttestament.com) 4/29/10

FINALLY! The rewrite is finally done. I think it adds a degree of greater depth to all of the characters. The only people to notice the difference would be me and my wife, who has read all of The Lost Testament’s previous incarnations — including the one no one should ever have to read. Now,Continue reading “Countdown to publication (from lasttestament.com) 4/29/10”

Decisions. . .decisions (from lasttestamentnovel.com) 4/4/10

So, going shopping for a self-publishing company is a lot like buying a new car. You’ve got to kick the tires on them. Of course, you could always do it on your own, soup to nuts. It’s less desirable and a la carte the entire way, but you own EVERYTHING. That’s a plus. I’m thinkingContinue reading “Decisions. . .decisions (from lasttestamentnovel.com) 4/4/10”