Digital Books: The Price Is Wrong

I went to the store and almost bought the second season of Superman: The Animated Series. Not for my five-year-old, for me. Don’t judge me — I have a bigger point to make about it. The reason why I didn’t buy it is because I saw the price, paused, and thought about it. You never  want a consumerContinue reading “Digital Books: The Price Is Wrong”

You market yourself. . .how? (Part 1)

Recently, a friend asked me, “How do you market yourself [as an indie/self-publisher]?” Aye, there’s the rub. Indie and self-pubbed authors want to sell books, but don’t necessarily know how. Witness almost any self-publishing outfit that will offer you bookmarks, business cards, placards, postcards, and the like as marketing collateral (don’t fall for it — do itContinue reading “You market yourself. . .how? (Part 1)”

Selling that makes sense

My wife and I used to have a Multi-Level Marketing business. Yup, we were in one of those. But, I did learn one, valuable thing from it: the need to create methods of making passive income. Passive income = money you can make in your sleep. I met a self-published author once who insisted she “liked the hustle”Continue reading “Selling that makes sense”

Don’t take it personal: Damaging the brand

FYI: I said “personal” not “personally” on purpose 🙂 I have strong opinions on many political and social issues, but you’ll never see them on my social media pages. There will not be rampant misspelled postings or off-the-cuff comments warranting a “sorry-if-that-offended-some-people” disclaimer either. Learn a little lesson called “social media policy.” But Brian, I’mContinue reading “Don’t take it personal: Damaging the brand”

3 Key tips on marketing your book

The following guest blog post is by Kemya Scott. Scott (or “Miss Kemya” across the web) is the self-titled “solopreneur” of Phisco Marketing: a stratetegic marketing consultant agency that specializes in helping small business. Scott, a 15-year marketing consultant veteran and MBA grad, believes small businesses are “the lifeblood of our economy.” She is anContinue reading “3 Key tips on marketing your book”

Learn my lesson, business owner!

Anything in life you draw experience and knowledge from isn’t a failure unless you don’t learn from it. If we could accurately measure knowledge’s value, teachers would be paid like pro athletes. My friend “Laverne” has a dilemma. Her client, “Shirley,” signed a contract requiring pre-payment. Shirley requested different payment arrangements. They agreed to doContinue reading “Learn my lesson, business owner!”

Branding sends a clear message

Ranchers would brand cattle as a physical reminder to rivals, buyers, or passersby that the cattle belonged to someone. In that case, a brand was a symbol that established the identity of a business, and to be effective, it did not resemble anyone else’s symbol enough to cause confusion. Does your brand do that? If it does,Continue reading “Branding sends a clear message”

Are you a “sales grinch?” DON’T BE!

I HATE being sales pitched. I HATE sales pitching (at least in the traditional sense). More and more, I’m experiencing sales “grinches.” What’s a “sales grinch”? You know who they are. I am a reformed sales grinch. You might even be one. If so, let me persuade you to change your ways. Sales grinches existContinue reading “Are you a “sales grinch?” DON’T BE!”

Tips for broadening your marketing prowess

Are you in need of marketing tips? If so, I have a couple HOT, FREE websites for you. is a website that specializes in “inbound marketing.” Traditional marketing is “outbound marketing” — flyers, brochures, posters, and the like. “Inbound marketing” is using non-traditional techniques to bring the leads and traffic to you — websites, SearchContinue reading “Tips for broadening your marketing prowess”

7 helpful business websites you need to visit

Just yesterday, a good friend mentioned that she was looking for ways to get grant funds for her small business. The first, most easy option is what multi-level marketing companies call your “warm market.” Your warm market is made up of people who will buy from you just because it’s you: friends, family, co-workers, andContinue reading “7 helpful business websites you need to visit”