Writing Tips: Sharing is Caring

BookBaby is a self-publishing website that I use for promotion tips. It’s totally free and helpful. Recently, I shared a link for a free download they were offering to Bookbaby members (a $10 value). One of my Facebook friends thanked me for doing so, claiming she’d seen the “crab-in-a-barrel” mentality among authors. I could understand why I wouldn’tContinue reading “Writing Tips: Sharing is Caring”

Open Letter to online reviewers

Dear Reader, I read your review, the one where you gave me one-star and compared the first few chapters of The Lost Testament to an “eighth grade assignment for a short story.” You’e not alone. Another one-star giver said it was “just bad” and “uninteresting.” Someone else called it “not worth finishing.” I’m not going toContinue reading “Open Letter to online reviewers”

What’s coming in 2014

Ready for a Christmas party? So am I. Almost. Maybe not so much. My blog has been an accurate reflection of my writing time once school started. Some of you know I have returned to the classroom as a high school literature and journalism teacher. In between the lessons and grading, I don’t have veryContinue reading “What’s coming in 2014”

Margie Lawson’s Highlighting Editing System

I always liked to color, but this is a little different. My editing partner, Jackie, introduced me (not in person) to Margie Lawson — whom she calls one of the premier writing teachers in the nation. After a primer on one of her workshops, I tend to agree. Her EDITS System is this — highlightingContinue reading “Margie Lawson’s Highlighting Editing System”

Here’s an idea: HOW you can get to 100 Beta Readers

Last time, we talked about Beta Readers (a test audience for a book) and their importance. Boy, are they important. Too often, you get the “do-this-and-it-will-work-for-you” and not the how. Like, “Get 100 Beta Readers.” You know 100 people, but they may not want to sit down, read your book, and rate your chapters, right? My friend LisaContinue reading “Here’s an idea: HOW you can get to 100 Beta Readers”

Plotting: I’m a believer. Are you?

I’m in the midst of writing my sixth manuscript. It’s the third in my Reject High teen series. I got stuck. Like all four wheels spinning helplessly in the mud stuck. I didn’t want to try writing out my plot. For my first three novels, I created my characters, wound them up and let themContinue reading “Plotting: I’m a believer. Are you?”

Barnes and Noble: The inside details (or lack thereof) of a rejection letter

When I talk about publishing, I use quirky comparisons for effect. For example, my “ketchup and cheese” rule:  just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s good. Have you ever bought generic ketchup or cheese? Off-brand ketchup and Heinz have one thing in common — they’re both red. Cheap cheese melts like hot glue, and whileContinue reading “Barnes and Noble: The inside details (or lack thereof) of a rejection letter”

If you REALLY want to know. . .

It’s just the two of us here, so I can be direct and honest with you, right? After all, that’s why you visit my blog in the first place – to know my unadulterated thoughts. The thing is: I adulterate a lot. It’s politically-correct, and a largely accepted practice. Isn’t it? If someone in your inner circleContinue reading “If you REALLY want to know. . .”

When throwing money isn’t an option

Say you’re a start-up solopreneur (as my friend Kemya Scott likes to call us D-I-Yers) with this great, new book. You are persuaded beyond a shadow of a doubt that this magnificent creation will save its owner time and money. Or, at the very least, entertain them. The problem is — nobody knows about it. GrassrootsContinue reading “When throwing money isn’t an option”

Definitive time travel rules

For my next book, I spent A LOT of time researching time travel, quantum physics, and alternate realities. All of it is theoretical, of course, which presents a number of obstacles. I found a solution that seems to work, and I’ll share a little bit of it with you. Some Debbie Downer chaos theorists sayContinue reading “Definitive time travel rules”