Why social media SCREAMING isn’t the answer to your bottom line

Ever wonder why people aren’t buying your stuff?

I do. From a previous life as a men’s suit salesman, I’ve learned one thing about retail of any kind. When it’s good, it’s good and when it’s bad, it’s BAD. Everyone goes through down cycles. It’s just indie or self-published authors go through it longer and more often and it’s tougher to dig yourself out on a smaller budget.

So, we market on the cheap, a.k.a., social media. Which is fine, except most people I see doing it don’t know how to do it. I’ve heard variations of “Twitter hashtags don’t really work for me,” to, “I’m putting myself out there and my sales seem to go up.”

In other words, “putting myself out there” means copy and pasting a long description of your book and how much it’s going for these days.

I’m a fan of direct correlation, meaning, if I employ a marketing strategy and my sales go up, I am 100% without a doubt positive it had a direct correlation to my marketing efforts. Otherwise, it’s like playing a low stakes game of the lottery.

Direct correlation: it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Brian’s DIY Tip for Today: Twitter Marketing

Try this: join Twitter (if you haven’t already) and do a search for the hashtag #lit. Find people who are relevant to what you write (young adult sci-fi for me) and for the love of God, don’t ask them to buy your book. Become a fly on the wall and listen to their conversations. Follow their followers. Treat it like a game of double dutch and jump in when you see the opportunity.


You’d be surprised at the helpful resources you can find, like this one I got the other day. Eventually, someone MIGHT ask about your book, or mention they’ve bought it already — since you’re a cool person who doesn’t product pitch 24/7.

Hope this helps!

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