Writing teenagers in love is hard when your teenage experience sucked

I write what I know. For the most part, that results in layered characters that people fall in love with or hate. 

On the other hand, there’s writing teenagers, which I have to work hard at doing, especially when they’re in love..

I was TERRIBLE in teenage relationships. I can’t tell you much about my first love because she might actually read my blog and protest or worse, tell her version of events.

Let’s just say she knows who she is and leave it at that.

I’m currently writing a love story for my protagonist in my Reject High teen series and he’s trying to figure out if he’s in love or just “in serious like.”

For years, I thought I was in love when I said it the first time. Then, I realized it wasn’t love any other time but one far later than I thought. Think back with me: how could you tell the difference between love and “like” as a teenager?

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