What indie authors owe you

I caught this blog post on the web, entitled, “Readers Don’t Owe Authors Sh*t.” *sigh*

To paraphrase: the writer criticized indie authors. Not all of us, just those who believe their readers owe them a tweet of support, review, or positive word of mouth for their books.

I don’t believe my readers owe me anything. I’m wondering: if we don’t solicit reviews, tweets, or positive word-of-mouth, how do indie authors survive?

It’s a fact that if you’re not a mainstream author, you have an uphill battle with a rock tied to your back. It’s awfully narrow minded to call it a “dream job,” as she said. I worked every bit as hard when I was an author full time as I do in the classroom now. 

But she’s right. Readers don’t owe authors anything, including positive word of mouth.

I will say, however, that if you’d like your favorite indie author to continue writing books, it would be a good idea to help him/her along the way. 

What does this indie author owe you? I pledge to give you the best, most entertaining product I possibly can. Plus, if I ask you for a review, I’ll do it nicely. 


3 thoughts on “What indie authors owe you

  1. I think readers do owe authors something, especially if they got the book for free. I see the argument against it, but you hit the nail on the head when you said, “if you’d like your favorite indie author to continue writing books.”

    So, a reader is waiting for book two of a series. It never comes because none of the readers of book one spread the word, and the author didn’t have enough money to continue to market. Whose fault is it? Everyone shares blame. If, as the reader and fan, you didn’t help spread the word, I can see where you have blame for the second book not coming.

    We are living in a new age of publishing, and that post you referred to is sticking to the 20th century. Grow up, people. There’s nothing wrong with supporting one another. If an author expects it, that’s one thing, but the support of fans should still be there regardless. The entire entertainment industry survives because of fans, especially the niches that don’t get paid well — the starving artist bit.

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