3 things I wish writers would STOP DOING


I’m an indie writer and publisher. We get publicity how we can. But many of us have no clue what we’re doing. We keep doing it, hoping that one day it will start working. 

A group of writers I used to belong to lost me as a member for this reason. Here are some of the things they were doing.

  1. Non-stop sales pitching. My friend Starr Hall calls it “sales b*tching.” Not, “interact with me,” but, “give me your .99 cents to $3.99 so I can make a sale.” It was like the internet book-selling version of a one-night stand.   
  2. Non-stop promotion of things nobody cares about. “I’m a guest on so-and-so’s blog today.” Okay, but why should someone read it if you’re just talking about yourself and your book? The content’s not engaging. 
  3. One-way conversations. You don’t want to be the guy at the party talking about yourself all of the time. Focusing on the sale tells the buyer one thing — once their money stops, so does your interest in them.  

If you have a group of readers who is loyal to you, try this:Instead of pitching them all of the time, focus on involving them as much as possible in the process. Give your readers an ARC to review for you and use their quote inside of you book. Throw a contest. Cut them a deal on your next book and make them feel special. Watch magic happen. Hope this helps!

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