REVIEW: Out of Time by Michelle Sutton

Out of TimeOut of Time by Michelle Sutton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Out of Time in 140 characters or less: “Intrigue, drama, sexy & twisty.”

Out of Time by Michelle Sutton is an inspirational, romantic drama with edgy sex appeal. It’s my second time reading Ms. Sutton, and while Danger at the Door is still king in my mind, Out of Time is still a fantastic read.

Donato “Donny” Garafalo, Jr. is a race car driver, extremely successful, and he loves the ladies. He meets Bree LaFleur, a buxom redheaded virgin who’s house-sitting for her uncle while he’s away. After watching her sunbathe topless (nothing shown), Donny introduces himself. Bree spurns him, though after she gets a nasty sunburn, she turns to him for help. Eventually, they go out on a church date, after a brush up with Donny’s promiscuous past has Bree considering her feelings for him and the type of man he is.

A subplot plays out between Donny, his father, latest stepmother Janna, and Bree. Donny, Sr., or “Anthony,” intends to hand the family business over to his son — once he proves he’s less reckless and retires from racing. Donny convinces Bree to pose as his fiancee, and there’s a surprise element of tension between Donny and another character that doesn’t fully reveal itself until the novel’s back 40.

In between, there are heaps of sexual tension between Bree, who aches for Donny, and Donny, who makes a decision that influences how he relates to Bree physically. It’s the first Christian novel I’ve read that tackles the issue of sexuality where the rubber meets the road instead of theoretical or unrealistic grandstanding.

I have very little beef with Out of Time — nothing that detracts from enjoying it. I highly recommend it!

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