If you REALLY want to know. . .

It’s just the two of us here, so I can be direct and honest with you, right?

After all, that’s why you visit my blog in the first place – to know my unadulterated thoughts. The thing is: I adulterate a lot. It’s politically-correct, and a largely accepted practice. Isn’t it? If someone in your inner circle asks you “How are you doing?” and it’s the worst day of your life thus far, would you open up, or something like “I’m good.” (I tell the truth to the right people).

This week, I’d like to answer some recent questions my way.

Q: How’s the book going?

A: Well, book selling is essentially retail sales, and retail is seasonal. The reality is that, while Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. are popular sales outlets, they pay 60-90 days out. So, even if I made a lot of sales this month, I won’t see a dime until July. Their profits allow them to sell merchandise lower than everyone else, which undercuts my ability to do so through my own site.

Am I going to top Suzanne Collins’ numbers next week? Probably not. Will I sell enough to sip coffee, listen to Pandora, and hire a publicist, marketing firm, and accountant so I can write my next three books? Not yet. But I’m working on it. In the meantime, I’d appreciate your help spreading the word about The Anarchists. I’d do the same for you 🙂

Q: Why can’t I have a complimentary copy of your book?

A: Because my parents – the people who helped give me life – pay for their copies. And, unfortunately, when I go to the grocery store, they won’t give me complimentary food. No matter how much I ask for the hookup.

Q: Why don’t you just (enter simple, but time consuming task)?

A: The first two years of starting up are the hardest for a small business. Great Nation Publishing is a month away from being two years old. Often times, a bank will not loan a start-up money until it’s been in operation for at least two years. At that point, you get a shot.

What that means is I do my own marketing, publicity, bookkeeping, and event planning. In between, I write, and occasionally spend time with my toddler and pregnant wife . So, while your suggestion is a GREAT one, I simply don’t have the time to do it. However, if you’re offering to help. . .

Just a little insight this week. Hope this helps!

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