Guest Post: from Tyora Moody’s Virtual Book Tour for When Rain Falls

When Rain Falls, the debut novel from author Tyora Moody

Almost a Bad Boy?

Sharp and smooth would be how I describe one of my main characters in When Rain Falls, Detective Darnell Jackson. From the introductory scene until the last chapter, Detective Jackson, charmed me the entire time I developed his character. Despite being a female writer, I found writing from Detective Jackson’s male perspective enjoyable. His antics definitely cracked me up and I wished he wasn’t a fictional man. Often times the scenes flowed faster than it did with the other main character, Candace Johnson.

Both characters had experienced loss. Candace’s loss was a bit more intense with losing loved ones to violent crimes. Darnell had been struggling with his own loss. Divorce is often equated to death since individuals lose a significant other and portion of their life. His loss affected him enough that he moved from the West coast back to his roots in the Carolinas.

Darnell was an almost bad-boy. While growing up he tended to be on the other side of the law, but a strong, praying mother and aunts influenced him to attend the police academy later. Now a detective in the Charlotte Homicide Department, he is truly about seeking justice for the victim. There is a hint of Darnell’s bad boy tendencies when he confronts persons of interest or suspects. Not that he is a bad or corrupt cop, but he does push the envelope. His edginess has left him on the outside in the department. The tension between Darnell and his partner, Brunson, was so intense they often went their separate ways to keep from exploding on each other. When we meet Detective Jackson, he has been struggling with the toil his job has taken on him.

Read an excerpt below from Chapter 2 of When Rain Falls for an introduction to Detective Darnell Jackson.

He couldn’t take it anymore; he was ready to run. The sun remained hidden, but his body told him to get up and move. Without looking at the clock, Detective Darnell Jackson leapt from the bed. He slipped on a light blue Tar Heels sweatshirt and then a dark blue pair of sweatpants. Inside the bathroom of his master bedroom, he rubbed his hand across three days’ worth of stubble on his face. He certainly was no Denzel Washington, but most of the time he felt pretty good about his looks.

What he saw in the mirror this morning—just plain scary. His dark brown eyes were haunted from years of studying the evil ways of people. The case from this past week still weighed heavily on his mind, locking stress deep down into his neck and across his shoulders. Was there any rest for the weary? He needed to burn off some of this tension so he could enjoy the rest of his day off.
Darnell headed to the living room. This was his place, but he spent so much time on the job, some of the walls still remained bare, and in other areas, stacked boxes served as the decor. He bent down over the coffee table and pushed around two weeks’ worth of newspapers, several ESPN magazines, and a stack of junk mail.

As items fell off of the table, his golden Lab/beagle mix, Zack, came alive from his corner and began putting his nose to work. It didn’t take long for the dog to discover remnants from his owner’s late-night snack—a few cold, greasy fries. Finally locating his shades, Darnell placed them on top of his head. The sun would certainly meet him on his way back.

He glanced over at his four-legged housemate and laughed. That dog brought him a lot of joy. The irony continued to boggle his mind, since it was only three years before that he’d brought home the shy, mistreated dog for his now ex-wife. But it had been too late. Apparently, a raggedy mutt didn’t make up for his frequent absences. Two years had passed since the divorce, and Darnell considered Zack his best asset. “All right, boy. Let me grab your leash, and we’re out of here.”

The dog nearly ran into his owner as Darnell walked over to grab the leash from the hook behind the door. Zack jumped in the air and then stood on his hind legs. Darnell laughed again, trying to snap the leash on Zack’s collar. His hand was on the door when his cell phone chimed from the coffee table. Man and dog traded glances.

If he answered the phone, his gut told him he could forget about running. And so much for the afternoon off. Despite the effort he and his partner had put into gathering evidence, it simply wasn’t enough for the district attorney to send before a grand jury. He needed a break. Sometimes Darnell hated the job he loved.

About the Book

“Why does God keep taking away the people I love?” This is the lamentation of widow CANDACE JOHNSON when her best friend is brutally murdered. Ensnared by a deep-rooted bitterness, seeping her faith day by day, Candace is determined to seek justice.

Detective Darnell Jackson is in need of clues fast. The police captain is coming down hard on him and his partner to find out who murdered Pamela Coleman, the daughter of a high profile judge. Darnell confers with Candace to get the inside track on events leading up to the murder. As the investigation heats up, his growing attraction for Candace plays havoc on Darnell’s judgment.

Little does she know, Candace’s quest to find the truth has led her straight to the killer. She’s already lost loved ones. Now Candace must choose to completely trust God with her own life.

About the Author

Author Tyora Moody

Tyora Moody’s debut novel, When Rain Falls, is the first book in the Victory Gospel series. She owns and operates, a design and marketing company. Her company’s niche is assisting authors with branding and developing an online presence. Tyora served as a judge for the Christy Awards for threee years. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers. Tyora resides in South Carolina.

Visit her online at:

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