Let love in or shut it out? You decide.

How do you move beyond the pain to start a fresh relationship?

I’m knee-deep in Isoke: a character I’ve known for about a year. Isoke’s background is littered with issues. Her mother, Hawa, left the family to pursue a calling greater than the responsibility of a family. When Hawa was present, she berated Isoke, who had an incurable blood disease. Constant sickness isolated her from everyone, including her husband and adopted children.

Through a miracle, Isoke conceives a son, whom she has to give up to destiny. Alone once more, she combats feelings of resentment and the urge to strike out. Now, the opportunity for love arises, and she has no idea how to accept it or whether or not she should even try.

What do you think she should do?

Brian Thompson’s passion is motivating and encouraging others to write and to pursue Do-It-Yourself publishing. He is also the author of acclaimed Christian fiction thrillers The Lost TestamentThe Revelation Gate and the upcoming 2012 release, The Anarchists. 

2 thoughts on “Let love in or shut it out? You decide.

  1. Let love in, absolutely – but when you can first offer love to yourself. Isoke is scarred & sharing the damaged self she is right now could only be problematic in the long run. Baby steps for this character & only a relationship with a very patient man who knows her true character underneath the “armor.”

  2. Of course, after the challenges in her life, Isoke “deserves” love, however whether or not she accepts it depends on who she is. Is she the type of person that looks at her life and sees that everyone she has loved has left or abandonded her in some way, or is she the type of person that believes that after every obstacle and challenge, there is hope and opportunity right around the corner?
    Also, if Isoke has an incurable blood disease, perhaps she wouldn’t want to burden this potential love interest with the inevitable pain that will come with losing Isoke.

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