How to get unstuck with sales

Selling books is a tricky business. It’s about timing and (honestly) chance. The right book at the wrong time is the wrong book. It’s about finding who to buy and giving them what they want. If you ever get stuck with your sales, start with these tips:

  • Stop pitching your social media followers ad nauseum. Tweeting “buy my book,” “check out my book,” or “watch my trailer” is alienating. It’s lazy marketing, or “I-don’t-know-how-so-I’ll-do-this” marketing. Round-the-clock sales pitching says: “I just want your money. I know you might be feeling, “if I don’t say ‘buy, buy, buy’ they won’t buy.” Still say it, just not as much. Eighty percent of your messages should benefit your followers. Save the remaining twenty percent for selling yourself.
  • Move beyond social media. It’s free, which is a big draw to use it as a tool. But free is not always good. Get out of your comfort zone and synergize (is that a word? I think i just made it up) with other people who do what you do. Meet people face-to-face, which is a way to. . .
  • Establish a powerful business-to-consumer relationship. A personalized, not automated B-2-C relationship can pull a consumer to you when they could have bought a comparable product somewhere else for less. Recently, I received an offer in the mail to cut up to 10 percent off of a bill if I switch to another provider. I declined because I value the relationship with my current provider. How do you establish one? The same way my provider did: good service and a two-way relationship. If you never hear from your consumer, it’s a one-way relationship — like getting hit on by a persistent man or woman.
  • Expand your scope. A young man I met knew about Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. He did not know about StumbleUpon,    Linkedin, or Ping. Poor guy was up tweeting and Facebooking in the middle of the night. There are many social media management platforms like Ping where you can schedule your messages to automatically send overnight. Everyone doesn’t go to sleep when I do (it’s kinda early, I admit). What about the folks on the west coast, who are still up and about, or others across the world who have daylight? Think about it. Those are sales you could be missing.

Brian Thompson’s passion is motivating and encouraging others to write and to pursue Do-It-Yourself publishing. He is also author of acclaimed Christian fiction thrillers The Lost Testament, and The Revelation Gate. You can read more about Brian by visiting his author site.

Pacifica sales chart
Building sales is timing the right message.

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