My .75 cents story

Today’s entry is a personal story.

I rarely carry cash on my person. If you ever see me out and want to rob me, good luck with that 🙂

Last Wednesday, I had a quarter to my name. Which is good if you are a cute, three-year-old toddler whose daycare has a 25 cent candy machine by the door. Otherwise, a quarter doesn’t do me much good. It’s 81 cents short of a Dunkin Donut and $1.66 short of a medium coffee with cream and five sugars. (My teeth are healthy, thank you very much).

The lady at Caribou Coffee charged me 50 cents too much; I go cheap green and use my own mug, which earns me a discount. The last time she forgot, I got a handwritten I.O.U. This time, I received 50 cents back in change. Woo hoo! Closer to my goal.

Fast-forward to the end of the day. I picked up my wife from work and heard a flapping sound while driving down the road. The steering wheel kept turning right. Yup, I had a flat tire. After switching out my flat for the donut (the smaller tire, not a chocolate glazed), we were on our way.

Except. . .the spare needed air.

More flapping, until a half mile down the road, I pulled into a gas station next to the air pump. Did it work? Yes (so often they don’t). But it required change, and I don’t carry change. I looked up at the sticker next to the slot for the pump.

75 cents.

Thanks you, Father 🙂

Brian Thompson’s passion is motivating and encouraging others to write and to pursue Do-It-Yourself publishing. He is also author of acclaimed Christian fiction thrillers The Lost Testament, and The Revelation Gate. You can read more about Brian by visiting his author site.

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