Don’t take it personal: Damaging the brand

FYI: I said “personal” not “personally” on purpose 🙂

I have strong opinions on many political and social issues, but you’ll never see them on my social media pages. There will not be rampant misspelled postings or off-the-cuff comments warranting a “sorry-if-that-offended-some-people” disclaimer either.

Learn a little lesson called “social media policy.”

But Brian, I’m a solopreneur! Can’t I police myself without a social media policy?

Honestly? No. Not if you sell yourself, instead of your company, as your brand.

Brian Thompson is my brand; Great Nation Publishing is my company. If Great Nation Publishing ceases to exist in 2012, (hopefully) Brian Thompson will be standing. You will find me to be personable, honest, and very much what-you-see-is-what-you-get. My business ventures follow suit. So should yours.

You have an opinion on the Penn State scandal, Occupy Wall Street, or the GOP debates — there’s nothing wrong with that. I do too, but I don’t express them online. Why? They’re irrelevant to my brand. Inflammatory comments pigeonhole your audience, and it’s difficult to distance yourself from offending people in a digital age where offenses live forever.

Someone I follow on social media recently made an offensive comment regarding a topic I take to heart. I almost stopped following him because the worth of his product was outweighed by the ignorance of the statement. You better believe your customers will do the same.

Now, I do post about life and my marriage, but I do it to build a relationship with my followers, not to vent. Besides, my wife reads my blog (hi baby!)

Think about your post before you post it. Think about it again. Consider it a third time. Remember: if you have a sudden stroke of conscience and delete it, it’s still out there. Don’t take your posts so personal.

Brian Thompson’s passion is motivating and encouraging others to write and to pursue Do-It-Yourself publishing. He is also author of the Christian fiction thrillers The Lost Testament, and The Revelation Gate. You can read more about Brian by visiting his author site.

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