Save time & money: Why you need a publishing mentor

I call myself a “publishing mentor,” and not because I like cutesy titles (I actually HATE them).

Authors interested in indie publishing (ESPECIALLY self-publishing) need information to successfully navigate the publishing process. You could use someone on your team who’s not trying to hawk their wares instead of offering you another, efficient, time-saving way, couldn’t you?

That kind of info costs time and/or money: spend money on the books and take time to learn it, or spend money to hire someone who knows their craft to teach you. There’s no way around both of those factors.

Third option? Spend WAY too much money because you don’t know what you’re doing. Many authors fall into this category.

Take my friend “Matt.” Matt self-published his book with a well-advertised press, who offered him $500 off on a $3,000 publishing package that, broken down to its base parts, should have cost him no more than $1,500. His book retails for $13.95, a price he cannot adjust.

He wanted to start with a 100 copy printing. The company extends him a 45% discount for author-ordered books; that’s 45% of $13.95 ($7.67) though it only costs $3.36 to print. For each book he buys and then sells, he makes a $6.28 profit (45%) while the company makes $4.31 (31%). Why is the company taking a 31% cut?

That’s how many self-publishing companies make their money. Trade paperback books cost .015 per page and .90 cents per cover to print (prices vary with different paper and hardback covers). That’s it. If someone is going to take 31% of your potential income, shouldn’t they have a good reason?

Matt didn’t know that. Depending on how many he orders, he’s taking anywhere from a  16% to 46% loss every time he buys a book and sells it. He knows better now.

After all that, you may choose to self-publish anyway to avoid the hassle of subcontracting work with different people. Indie publishing isn’t THE way to publish, it’s A way.

Let me show you the benefit of either. For a FREE 15-minute consultation about how to maximize your publishing dollars, e-mail me at

Brian Thompson’s passion is motivating and encouraging others to write and to pursue Do-It-Yourself publishing. He is also author of the Christian fiction thrillers The Lost Testament, andThe Revelation Gate. You can read more about Brian by visiting his author site.

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