REVIEW: “Danger at the Door” by Michelle Sutton

Danger at the DoorDanger at the Door by Michelle Sutton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Danger at the Door in 140 characters or less: Lonely grieving Arizonan orders pizza, gets hunky deliveryman & a stalker. Add budding romance, cute puppy love. House analogy. Tension!

From Christian fiction writer Michelle Sutton comes Danger at the Door: a romance/suspense novel set in Arizona.

There, Elaine “Laney” Cooper, is a recluse due to the death of her fiance’ Sam. While Sam was well off financially, Laney has nothing but a half-million dollar house she can’t afford to maintain, a rock of an engagment ring she hides away, and “Baby,” her lovable chihuahua.

She is being watched by “Creepy Mystery Stalker Man,” who does so under the guise of birdwatching. You WILL NOT find out who homeboy really is until the end, and by then, I didn’t care about his name or his background. He just needed to be punched. Hard. Over and over again.

Though Laney is broke, she orders out for pizza often (I don’t judge!) at Little Italy. This particular week is the anniversary of Sam’s death. To commemorate the occasion, she orders a sentimental meal, which gets completely screwed up by Bojan (like “bouillon”) Trajkovski, He’s a Macedonian hearthrob of a deliveryman with a good heart who speaks REALLY poor English. Bojan, whom she calls Bob for short, also has a lovable chihuahua, “Dude.”

Turns out, Bojan is not a deliveryman, but a deep-pocketed part-owner of three other stores in the Little Italy chain. He stays undercover for a while until it is apparent he and Laney have something cooking. But while the relationship is undefined, Bojan/Bob/Boki leaves and “Creepy Mystery Stalker Man” plots his next move.

Danger at the Door is near perfect. The romance draws you in. You’ll root for Bojan/Bob/Boki and Laney. Laney is totally sympathetic, the symbolism is understated but effective, and, unlike A LOT of Christian fiction, the spirituality isn’t overly convenient or Bible-over-the-head-like.

I think the thing I liked most about it is that I believed these characters could exist. There’s nothing that happens that makes me question their authenticity. Sutton writing carries a fast pace and sustains it. I started the book and finished it over two days. It’s that good.

Under normal circumstances, romance/suspense would not be my selection of book, but Sutton’s Danger at the Door opened me to a new genre I would have not otherwise known. Kudos!

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: “Danger at the Door” by Michelle Sutton

  1. Some of your comments had me rolling. Seriously, I laughed out loud. Well written review. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I liked the cultural element. The second book explores that even more. 🙂

  2. I like the humor in the review. Great review. I loved Danger at the door and it’s sequel In Plain Sight and both were short enough and captivated my interest I was able to read them within a day. These are the two novels that made me want to read more of Sutton. Blessings for success, BJ

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