Worthless garbage and internet wanderlust. . .

In taking a break from phone conversations with certain people and social networking as a whole, I have discovered the following:

1. Politicians or people reflecting the extreme left or right are scary individuals. I am friends with one, who happens to be my daughter’s godfather. I told my wife we’re not allowed to die until after she’s 18. Moving along. . .

2. Some people have to have drama surrounding them at all times. Something has to be terribly wrong. Someone has to be horribly sick. The world must be crashing down around them and their bliss is when the crap hits the fan over and over again.

3. I waste an inordinate amount of time on the internet doing things that bear no relevance on my life, past, present or future. It’s like my search engine is permanently set on “non sequitur” and won’t get off. The other day, I was doing research for The Revelation Gate and ended up looking at random Star Wars items, particularly the lightsaber. FYI: I want one like Sam Jackson’s.

I turned off all these things, for the most part, even eschewing music for complete silence. It birthed a new level of creativity. I’m talking ideas, plots, characteristcs, story lines — everything intertwines beautifully and I didn’t even need Jill Scott in the background to do it. I’m almost afraid to turn things back on for fear my productivity will give way to lightsaber battles, conversations about nothing and discussion how the “Ground Zero Mosque” is a celebratory monument of the 9/11 bombing secretly funded by radical Islamists and therefore should be illegally held up in planning and zoning because all Muslims are terrorists anyway. My uncle is Muslim and has never blown up anything, except for my brain because he’s a talker.

Be blessed.

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