First book signing/E-book News

Got my morning coffee and started my day off with prayer, daughter’s off at daycare, and here we are together once again. Pandora is set to a hip-hop station to get my juices flowing and motivated.

This past Wednesday, a few former co-workers organized what came to be called a “book shower” — basically a book signing with a few refreshments, courtesy of them. It was a sacrifice, as their pre-planning time for the school year was cut to two days and it was held after the time they were required to be there. It both honored and humbled me. Remember, it’s not a sacrifice unless it hurts to give it.

As of July 21, I’m committing to contribute $2 of each book sale to Relay for Life. Soon, I will be converting “The Lost Testament” to an e-book format, and I will donate $1 each of those sales. Because of the legalities involved, I couldn’t offer a 32″, HD LCD television more than locally. It’s a giveaway to help raise money for this cause. Some people aren’t moved by cancer because it hasn’t personally touched them, but a free television might do it. I told the Relay Chair, Diana Brown, that I’d like to write her a check for $1,000 by the middle of September. Will you help by purchasing a book or donating?

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