Pre-release a week away. . .

If I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing you, working with you, or we’re related, you will get the opportunity to read “The Lost Testament” months before it hits the virtual bookshelves. It is my hope that you find it so engaging that you cannot put it down. . .and you tell other people about your inability to do so. I got one such report from my publicist, who finished it in a matter of days (sorry to put you out there DE).   

While I’m putting her out there, she asked about a sequel. I HATE sequels. As a matter-of-fact, follow me throughout my literary career and I doubt you’ll find a sequel in whatever I write. OK, now that I’ve said that, there probably will be one. But I won’t like it. For this particular story, everybody’s lines wrap up nicely.

There’s one question I left unanswered that my publicist had to know. I gave her the simple explanation, because that’s usually the answer. She wanted to know who killed the Jewish writer (her name is Violet October) who gives Darrion the Lost Testament. Once you read it, send me an e-mail at, or when you see me, tell me your theory. Visit the site at

Be blessed,


P.S. Pre-release copies are going FAST. Only 94 left.

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