Synopsis (from 5/22/10

So, since I’ve been gone for a minute and we’ve just joined Facebook (like button us!), I figure I should put up another post — this time, with a little background and a short synopsis of exactly what it is I’m asking you to support.

The Lost Testament started as a conversation between me and my then-girlfriend/now-wife Heather, who had just come back from a plane trip home. She spoke of a woman she sat next to on the plane who had the most interesting life. She had interviewed members of the Aryan nation (particularly brave since she’s part Hispanic) and victims of crucifixion. She also mentioned a “Last Testament of Jesus Christ” and wrote down a verse of it on Heather’s notebook, which she still has. This woman helped inspire the character of Violet October.

I think it was an issue of a magazine where you can start off a good story by asking “What if?” So, I asked myself, “What if this ‘last testament’ was written AFTER the resurrection and someone found it?” “Wouldn’t that erase, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Christ’s divinity? (probably not)” “What if the man who found it was a preacher passing for white?” You get the point.

Simply put, “The Lost Testament” is the story of Darrion James, a minister who leaves his home, divorced and penniless, following a public scandal. En route to starting his life over over down south, Darrion meets an enigmatic Jewish writer who hands him a notebook. She claims they are scriptures written by a resurrected Jesus Christ. He becomes a believer, but not soon enough to save her from a grisly demise.

Darrion translates the words, which he comes to call “The Lost Testament,” and spearheads a spiritual revival with them reminiscent of the 1906 Azusa Street revival meetings. As a result, lives are saved, transformed, destroyed, or lost.

I’ll keep you updated with the latest. God bless.

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