Decisions. . .decisions (from 4/4/10

So, going shopping for a self-publishing company is a lot like buying a new car. You’ve got to kick the tires on them. Of course, you could always do it on your own, soup to nuts. It’s less desirable and a la carte the entire way, but you own EVERYTHING. That’s a plus.

I’m thinking of cover art ideas. Typically, aesthetics are the last things I think about. Ability to function and then bells and whistles are the priorities and, of course, cost. Problem is, anything I can think of would totally look homemade. That’s why there are professionals, but that’s also why they charge what they charge.

I’m not looking for something that sits in my basement and I give away as stocking stuffers or a book that ends up being an impromptu coffee cup coaster. I don’t believe that’s what I’ve been called to do. Any ideas, shoot me an e-mail on how the process goes.

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